That pattern looks like an 'x,' with a flower in the center and flowers placed around it diagonally, and here is an image that illustrates how to layout flowers for crossbreeding in ACNH: The following flower breeding patterns are optimal for producing hybrids and new offspring. Best Layouts for Growing Hybrid Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One is meant to look like flower bulbs on a shelf, while another features bottles and an inkwell. Creator Code: MA-2907-7990-9756. These ACNH patterns look great on panels, where the pattern repeats twice. ; If you are struggling with understanding this concept, please read Gardening 101.; We usually don't want a layout that can do both! The green E spaces mean the spot should be empty to accept a new plant when you login in the morning. ACNH Flower Breeding Patterns. AGAIN: it is very important that you understand the difference. These assorted shelves can help you create shop areas on your island. Apr 13, 2020 - acnh / animal crossing new horizons / flowers / garden / cross breeding / rare Mushrooms and a tiny treasure box round out the collection. Breeding is 2 flowers mixing genes to make 1 offspring.Cloning is 1 flower making 1 exact copy of itself. 13. How to grow every flower breed and colour in Animal Crossing: ... Crossbreeding works on a 5x5 grid, with each flower, or empty space for a flower, taking up one square on this grid. Note: The layouts below are only examples. Understanding Flower Production & Layouts Breeding vs. Cloning.