Kindergarten Addition Within 10 Printable Worksheets ... Race to learn addition with this fun picture addition worksheet. Students will find the missing number to complete the math fact. Kindergarten. Read each word problem to fill out the ten-frame, write out the math fact, and find them sum. These worksheets align with Common Core Standard K.OA.2. Simple horizontal and vertical addition problems. They add the numbers together to find the sum. Player with the highest sum wins the round. Along the way, answer the addition facts with sums to ten. Students draw more circles inside the 10 frame, then they can write the number. Solve the addition problems and color the space based on the sum to reveal a robot. We even have practice test kindergarten addition worksheets so parents can regularly assess their children’s progress. Worksheets > Kindergarten > Simple math > Addition > Sums to 10. Use scissors to cut along the dotted lines and separate all of the puzzle pieces. Adjust how many questions are on the page as well as the addends used. This worksheet has ten-frames with red and white counters all adding up to ten. These are kindergarten-level addition activities. The second part uses the number sentence to fill in the ten-frame. Encourage your child to practice identifying what numbers are greater than, less than, or equal to others. Use scissors to cut out the ten-frame boxes on the bottom of the worksheet and glue them to the matching number sentence above. Race to learn addition with this fun picture addition worksheet. The first part of this worksheet has students using the counters in the ten-frame to find the number sentence. (examples: 8+2=10 and 5+4=9). All problems have sums less than 20. This printable worksheet provides number lines to help students solve the addition problems. Example: the "3 + 5" card will match the "8" card. Have your students combine matching sums and numbers together to form stars. Help the butterfly find the flowers. There are 30 task cards, answer sheets for 20, 25, and 30 questions, and teacher instructions. Simple horizontal and vertical addition problems. Worksheet Halloween Math: Simple Addition 3. Your child will create a number sentence as she counts stars to find single-digit addends on this math worksheet. Quickly access your most used files AND your custom generated worksheets! Fluency in "making ten" is an important early math skill and extra practice of these math facts is recommended. All sums are 10 or less. Adding and circling numbers. Solve the basic math facts on this page and then color by number to reveal a colorful sailboat. This worksheet has pictures of red and white counters. (examples: 2+3=5 and 0+3=3) Features illustrations of kids dressed as superheroes. Match the basic addition problem to the matching domino card. has simple math addition facts to be solved, ideal for students in grades K - 2. Kids practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums on this sports math worksheet. Addition up to 10 worksheets for kindergarten is of great importance to kids. Lastly, these pennants can be strung up on a rope or string to hang in the classroom. Use the dominoes to make and solve these basic addition problems. Write each sum. Write the answers to the addition problems on the caterpillar. Each of these facts has addends below 10 and sums of 10 or less. Customize your own addition worksheet with our Addition Worksheet Generator! Kindergarten. An airplane will appear in the finished picture. Give children a gentle introduction to addition with help from this simple addition worksheet. Kids practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums on this bath-themed kindergarten worksheet of picture math problems. Addition worksheets with all sums less than or equal to 10.Horizontal format only. Solve and color in this mystery picture according to the key to reveal a sunny beach with colorful seashells. Review and practice 10 frame with this free printable worksheets for kids. For complete access to thousands of printable lessons click the button or the link below. Roll a pair of dice and add the results. Take a different approach to math with this picture addition worksheet. Give your preschooler a head start in math with this simple addition worksheet. Adding and circling numbers. Write the answers to nine addition facts and color the pictures. This is a simple addition table that students can use for reference. Counting practice gets a spooky treat with this Halloween math worksheet. Have a Merry Math Christmas! This printable uses ten-frames to help students find the right number sentence and use their addition skills to determine the sum of each math fact. Use dominoes to play a fun game of comparison. Addition worksheets: Sums up to 10. Use this helpful math worksheet to assess whether your students are able to distinguish between addition and subtraction equations in word problems. This printable worksheet is a fun way for students to practice their basic addition facts. Math. Add to find the sums. Students can use various strategies (e.g. counting fingers, counting up). This provides great extra practice for students who are beginning to learn addition and need pictures or objects to help understand addition math concepts. This version of Scoot! On this worksheet, students will use the number sentence to draw the counters in the ten-frame and find the sum. End of Year Math Assessment Addition and Subtraction Word Problems within 10. Kids will practice their math skills by adding up pictures of flowers.