Remove Paint, Stain, Rust, Grime on Surfaces and Pool Cleaning. Eligible for Free Shipping. Zyglo developer in aerosol is pure methylene chloride and is not an effective paint remover. When it comes to taking care of your bike, one of the most important concerns would most probably be how to remove paint from aluminum. Oven cleaner will remove anodizing, but it is rather dangerous to use and it also attacks the bare aluminum (although more slowly). $49.45 $ 49. All dish-outs must be elliptically shaped with the major axis running spanwise on wings and stabilizers, fuselages. 45. ... Use a paint thinner to remove oily or greasy residue and a flathead screwdriver or scraper to remove more stubborn excess such as tar or paint. Steel is the opposite. Aluminum does not like bases, but is OK with acids. Aluminum Aircraft Polish: Step By Step Polishing Guide. How To Remove Paint from Aluminum: Here’s How To Do It Right! 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,173. Most removers are alkaline pH. Our test coats of paint removal were done with Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover, but once we knew this was the route we wanted to take, Matt did a little searching online and found a good deal on gallons of Rust-oleum Aircraft Remover and we switched over to that. Hi Glenn. General aircraft paint stripping procedure: All depressions resulting from corrosion rework must be faired or blended with the surrounding surface. If it doesn't remove the "clear coat", then I'd lean toward believing you are talking about anodizing rather than an organic clearcoat. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 5. By itself, it is not impressive as a paint remover. "Aircraft Stripper" is very powerful (as well as noxious) stuff. Once mixed with other stuff, it becomes a paint remover. The beginning of an aircraft polishing job is also a … This is a common concern for people who have bikes with aluminum … 1-16 of 372 results for "aircraft paint remover for metal" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. blending corrosion out of aluminum structure.