", 18. ", 8. Or perhaps you just want more apple puns for your photo captions? Are you wondering how to find the Pumpkin Patch Instagram Captions? "My core values are: be kind, caring, curious, and hungry for more apples. Then look nowhere but here because we have gathered a huge list of Pumpkin Patch Captions and they will impress and inspire you to create your own pumpkin patch puns, quotes, captions for Instagram, and other social media apps. Punch Lines includes tips and hints on writing your own eye-catching advertising slogans, taglines, headlines, straplines, captions and copywriting. They’ll even work for your fall #OOTD pics in your fave oversized sweater and Doc Martens, because a good pun will always make your posts more a-peel-ing. Can’t read now? Got a new pun that isn't in this Punpedia entry? "I just know that you will become the apple of my pie. Read Next: 30 Clever Sunset Puns & Jokes for Sunset Instagram Captions & Statuses . Get one of you on your partner’s shoulders reaching up for an apple or one of you holding your barrel of vibrant picks. Whether you’re looking for apple puns for captions, silly pickup lines or team/business names, we hope you find what you’re looking for.   Whether you’re looking for apple puns for captions, silly pickup lines or team/business names, we hope you find what you’re looking for. "Always look on the bright cider life. ", 13. ", 3. ), the colorful period also marks the start of apple picking season. apple, apples, fruit, orchard, peel, skin, peeler, cider, apple cider, granny smith, apple sauce, apple pie, fruit tree, crabapple, apple juice, crunchy, sweet, apple core, core, seed, apple seed, pippin, pip, pome, rotten apple, costard, sweeting, redstreak, pare, paring, biffin, alligator apple, golden delicious, fuji, red delicious, mcintosh, gala, braeburn, pink lady, honeycrisp, empire, sampion, ambrosia, pomaceous, malus, toffee apple, candy apple, apple strudel, apple cider vinegar, russet, Did you find the apple-related pun that you were looking for? We all know where the Big Apple is but do you know where the Minneapolis? Would you like to see more funny apple pun images? I want to live apple-ly ever after with you. "This adventure was just too a-peel-ing to turn down.”, 11. "If best friends were apples, I'd pick you. Break out the flannel and dust off your Uggs, because fall is just weeks away! So, if you are looking for puns about apples, then you are going to love this list. ", 5. "If you were a fruit, you'd be one fine-apple. "We might be apples and oranges, but we make a pretty great pear. 9 Instagram Captions For All Your Apple Picking Posts. His efforts were fruitless. Whatever the case, please let us know, and help us improve this Punpedia entry. Are you looking for puns for text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or some other social media platform? If so, great! Apple Picking Captions and Apple Puns. If you think punny pumpkin captions are lame, thank Gourd you found us! How do you like them apples? "I couldn't decide whether or not to make spiced apple cider, so I mulled it over. "Felt cute. So while you wont find any Steve Jobs puns here, the puns in this entry that are specifically on the word “apple” itself could also be used in the context of Apple, the computer company. With so much to do, you can’t forget to squeeze in an apple picking adventure and posting your sweetest snapshots on the ‘Gram with these apple picking puns. We got some insider information you like fall, so we thought we’d pick you some apple puns! samantha leffler sep 11, 2018. Instead of just going to the grocery store, you can go straight to the source for a fun farm day with your partner. "I’m only picking the apples that are red-ily available.”, 26. There are so many tasty pies, ciders, and pastries you can make with a whole orchard of apples at home, so you’ll want to stock up as soon as possible. Usually pumpkin takes centerstage as the food of the fall, but apples are also in season and as delicious as ever.