A Lydian Mode. Detailed information for the scale B lydian. On this page, you find several fretboard diagrams for the Lydian Dominant scale, with box and 3 notes per string patterns. Change the root note to see different variations of the Lydian guitar scale. Free Guitar Scale Charts And Fingering Diagrams. Because it features a major 3rd and centers on a major chord, it’s considered a major mode. Now let’s look at B lydian in the 6th position (lowest fret is 6) Now let’s look at B lydian in the 7th position (lowest fret is 7) Finally, let’s look at B lydian in the 10th position (lowest fret is 10) That covers the 5 basic positions and the open position of B lydian along the guitar … The Lydian mode is the brightest and happiest mode available in the major scale, as it takes the already very uplifting major scale, and simply adds yet another sharpened note to it. Non computer generated. Drawing from the G major scale, Lydian mode looks like this: G […] Scale diagrams can also be labeled with either letters or scale degrees. Scale on Guitar: How To Play the Lydian Dominant Scale Learn How To Play Scales on Guitar The Easy Way. Important: The fretboard is shown with the lowest pitch string at the bottom and the highest pitch string at the top (unless you've tuned your instrument differently.) Learn how to play the B Lydian scale with the notes shown on the guitar. Notes, Intervals and relations to other scales in the database. On the guitar, Lydian is the fourth mode of the major scale, and the sound that’s created when the 4th scale degree functions as the tonic. A B Lydian Dominant scale consists of B, C#, D#, F, F#, G# and A notes. B lydian Guitar Scales Chart C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# Ab A A# Bb B Show All B Scales Hide Scales List B Major B Major pentatonic B Minor pentatonic B Dorian B Phrygian B Lydian B Mixolydian B Aeolian B Locrian B Blues B Harmonic Minor B Melodic Minor B Whole Tone Hit "Go" to see the result. References: If you aren’t taking advantage of how floaty and positive this mode can be when used melodically, then you’re missing the point. Charts for B lydian on Guitar and Piano. Show me chords that sound good with a B Lydian scale. See diagrams at Standard Guitar. The intervals that compose the Lydian Dominant Scale scale are Root, Major Second, Major Third, Augmented Fourth, Perfect Fifth, Major Sixth, and Minor Seventh . Scales you can use in the real world, created by a human guitarist.