Rock elm, black locust, apple, pear, and other fruit woods and elms dry for at least 6 months. Post your experience with ash firewood below. 62oliver. In fact, if your firewood is not adequately dry, it could cost you $200 to $600 annually just to send steam up the chimney. Oak, which takes around 2 years to dry; hickory around the same time. Many people are particular when it comes to the types of wood they want to burn in their fireplaces. Every single homeowner has their own take on how long they dry the wood, even if it is of the same kind. Wood BTU Values/Firewood Characteristics . Author Topic: Black ash drying time (Read 876 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Typically, oak, hickory, and ash are sought. BTU of White Ash Firewood. The long drying firewood. While it may be tempting to grab the closest log regardless of its condition or origin and throw it into the fireplace, choosing the right piece of wood will make your night in front of the fire warmer, cleaner and safer. Black locust firewood comes from the black locust tree which is a medium-sized deciduous hardwood tree and can get as tall as 80 feet. Firewood and Wood Heating » Black ash drying time; The Forestry Forum is sponsored in part by: Forestry Forum Sponsored by: « previous next » Send this topic; Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. It grows best in well-drained, moist soil made up of limestone The wood is extremely hard and durable which makes it a favorite for furniture making and flooring. The black locust is a shade-intolerant tree and needs plenty of sunlight. I have heard mixed debate about whether these burn well when green the way white ash does. The other common ash speces are green ash and black or gray ash. With increased energy prices, more and more people are showing interest in burning wood. These are lower in BTU but still burn well, they just don’t put out as much heat or last as long. Burning firewood to warm your home or to cook a meal is one of life's most basic activities. Wood seasoning time depending on its species is an extremely subjective topic.