Consult your healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Share it with us! This is due to its higher fructose content, and the absence of trace minerals. It had something of a beet aftertaste, but was already very sweet and pleasant on its own. I boiled it down until it was greatly reduced, a fairly thick carmel-colored liquid, as shown in the first picture. I kept the trays in my kitchen out of the way. It's time-consuming, however; a flour or grain mill might also work if you have one of those. Reply Interesting article too thankyou writer, it sounds very taxing for the layman to try and work out how to seperate molasses and crystal sugar.. good luck with your future experiments! I picked out 10 pounds of beets for a batch of sugar. After 2 days, the molasses had already begun to thicken- it was pulling away from the edges of the pan and was very viscous when I tipped the pans on their sides. If you can I would think that it would be worth a try. I believe it's used more like a molasses. But honey has slightly more calories than sugar, although it is sweeter, so less may be required. I used a food mill to try and squeeze more juice out of the beets- I wound up with something the consistency of apple sauce that clogged the cloth I was using as a filter. It is grown all over the world, including in the United States, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Turkey. However, growing your own sugar beets would be a great project for children of all ages as the greens c… You can make sugar from beets at home with an easy process that walks you through each step and highlights the benefits of using beet sugar versus cane sugar. Sugar is the primary value of sugar beet as a cash crop. Collect the beet pulp in a strainer lined with cheese cloth or similar material. Shred or dice beets, then cover with water in a large pot. It would also save you some money on groceries since you now make your own sugar! I haven't tried this myself, but that's about the step that I got it to before trying to extract the solid sugar. Making your own sugar from sugar beets is an interesting homesteading project. Handle beet sugar with dry hands so you won't introduce any moisture to it. The pulp, insoluble in water and mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and pectin, is used in animal feed. I will also be doing a side-by-side comparison using my own beet sugar against store-bought sugar for use in canning fruit preserves, so look for that sometime this summer. Unlike cane sugar, beet sugar is produced without bone char, which may be important for vegans or vegetarians. Reduce sugar water until it turns amber brown and has a consistency like honey. Adding seed sugar to the molasses after it's cool clearly makes a difference., FREE Report Reveals: “How To Get Well & Stay Well Without Prescriptions”  >>Download Now<<. Very fun. Regular beets have about 5 percent sugar; whereas, sugar beets contain about 15 percent. Stevia: Share on Pinterest. Safeway label brown sugar in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest is beet sugar produced by Imperial Holly, according to Bob Baldwin of Imperial Sugar Co. in Tracy. Use the stove's exhaust fan and open the windows to minimize it. Granulated white sugar, the favorite and most widely available sweetener, is extracted from cane and beet plants. The crushing process must break up the hard nodes of the cane and flatten the stems. Farmers grow the crop on large-scale farms for processors that turn the beets into sugar. About: Interested in practical and hands-on self sufficiency and rediscovering lost arts. I've always enjoyed learning new skills, and especially learning about how to do or make things that I take for granted. The organic material in the liquid decays, resulting in increased levels of odor. And how long does it last? On a small scale, this can be done by preparing a saturated solution of brown sugar in water and adding some white sugar crystals to seed crystallization. Dice, shred, or slice thinly the beets and put them in a big pot. The basic method is as follows, with a few modifications of my own. That is, it creates sugar that has not had its molasses separated out. 1 year ago. Thanks for sharing. However, the nutritional differences between the two are insignificant. Unfortunately, this resulted in discarding a large portion of my beets by weight- over one third. Reduce sugar water until it turns amber brown and has a consistency like honey. Sugar is higher on the glycemic index (GI) than honey, meaning it raises blood sugar levels more quickly. The beets themselves were like taking a bite out of any other raw beet. Their coloring is off-white and conical in root structure. My husband's family were sugar beet farmers in Idaho for years and it was so great to get an idea of how these beets were made into sugar. Syrups such as maple syrup or sorghum are typically not used, as they impart a strong flavor on whatever is being preserved. If you have any comments or ideas, I would love to hear from you. I strained the sugar water out of the pot, then squeezed the beet pulp in a cloth to get more liquid out. These cubes of sugar can then be powdered to yield white sugar. It was very much the color and smell of molasses. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye! I simmered the beet slivers until they were very soft and falling apart, stirring regularly. It can be stored like a syrup, which is a very common way to keep beet sugar. My sugar beets failed last year so I haven't been able to refine the process yet. In addition to being a sweetener, sugar is useful for dehydrating fruits and is itself a preservative. In an effort to reduce the amount going in to my test batches, I chose to skin the beets and remove any parts of the beet that were brown on the interior. As I've gotten more into canning and preserving food, I noticed just how much sugar I was using. The second was relatively successful, and I think is a good starting point to anyone who wants to try to do this themselves. The dried cane residue (bagasse) is often used as fuel for this process. Regular beets have about 5 percent sugar; whereas, sugar beets contain about 15 percent. The sugar beet is a well-known plant that can be grown for sugar, and while it largely is used in commercial production, it can be grown on your property, too. Hi Alexis, I joined just to say same here, spinning is fantastic... except maybe when your just learning/getting started or your drive band snaps..! HOME | PRIVACY POLICY | DISCLAIMER | CONTACT US | SITEMAP, 19 Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Naturally,,,,,,, Paper Organization Ideas To Help You Organize Your Important Papers, 20 Bathroom Hacks Smart People Use to Make Their Life Easier, How To Create An Effective House Cleaning Schedule, Women’s Guide To Great Skin: 8 Effective Tips, Lovely DIY Home Decor Ideas That Can Transform Your Space. After peeling and trimming off the bad parts, I was left with about 5 pounds of beets. One of the trays was accidentally filled much thicker with molasses than the other three, and was also seeded with sugar. It occurred to me that using a meat grinder would be a good way to press the liquid out of the beets and repeating would allow you to save even more.Using a sieve to catch the solids would save a lot of work.I always use one when making Jellies. ( I'd be concerned about ants or fruit flies getting into the syrup if I were to try this in my kitchen) interesting project, awesome idea, can you use this process on other fruits/vegetables. Wash your beets thoroughly to get all the dirt and debris from them. Sugar beets are typically only grown as a commercial crop. It had the interesting effect of allowing sugar to crystallize below the top crust, as shown in the first picture. This is because there is, in fact, molasses still in the sugar. It is largely complied from other sources: The industrial method for creating beet sugar is much more complex than this. So there you have it, how to make your own sugar at home using sugar beets.