I’d suggest PCO Choice for outdoor and Cedarcide Original for indoor. Alcohol is used as both a carpet beetle larvae repellent and a pesticide. Thanks in advance! Our products will kill them on direct contact but not repel them after that. Cedarcide.com or via the phone at 800-842-1464 . When larvae come in contact with diatomaceous earth, they will lose their moisture and become scorched. Thus, a spray wouldn’t work as effectively as a fogger I do not believe. I use Cedarcide Yard guard and granular on my yard all the time. But if you failed to do this and now have carpet beetle larvae in your home, you need to remove them right away. 2》 With free-range chickens & ducks I understand your cedar oil is not safe for them to ingest or to use on them. I have in the past but finally took the plunge and decided to try for one full year with only using your products as well as some oils from a holistic vet for direct use on my dogs. I am wondering about a couple of things: are you a public company? Is it safe for the flowers and shrubs? How do I use the cedarcide on us people? Thanks for sharing our product, we have no doubt it will work for their dogs, too. We just suggest doing your best to avoid overspray into the pond, as cedarwood oil, our active ingredient, can be harmful to aquatic life at certain doses. We have a large yard and flower gardens. I have been using insecticide, but realize it is detrimental to our health. I have 4 cats and two big dogs. Again, I love your products, as they have changed how I take care of my yard and dog. Our products will absolutely not attract any other bugs . Eucalyptus Oil. Will cedarcide be effective against scorpions? This is what you want: https://www.cedarcide.com/product/tickshield/. This causes them to stop looking for food which ultimately leads to their death. Do I also need to treat other pieces near by? They have toxic hairs that create a bad rash, potentially can be inhaled causing respiratory issues for some, and defoliate Oaks and fruit trees like crazy. Great question, Carol Can cedarcide stop them? It sure will! A lady in New England swore by cedar wood oil. Let us know if you need anything else . I was wondering if the Cedarcide for in-home use would work against the common household roach? Said to be found in carpet and clothes. I ask because I’ve used products that get rid of one bug but attract another. You sure can, but with one exception. Would the cedar oil be something I could use on this piece and if so, how would this be done. As a result they cannot properly function, and shortly die. We are a small, family-owned business but if that changes we’ll be sure to let you know , The trees we use for our products are called Juniperus ashei, and the practice is indeed sustainable, especially given that these trees are often considered weeds by many landowners. I think your company and products are absolutely amazing. Is it a sustainable practice? Will it work, or just treat the dogs or dogs abd dirt? Tips for successful removal of springtails? Newly hatched larvae are tiny and can easily enter through cracks less than one … When neem oil gets into the body of the larvae, their hormonal system will stop functioning properly. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This is a non-toxic product, no need to worry . Cedar Oil is the perfect way of repelling any insect including the annoying carpet beetles. Your site was very informative about how to get rid of them. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I usually spray them directly when I can, but would putting granules out help—would they ingest them? They dislike the smell of alcohol… 1. I like the good bugs, spiders, dragonflies, monarch butterflies and all the others, etc., I also have frogs and toads that come through. Great question. Which product do you suggest to kill scorpions? Will cedarcide kill or repel cockroaches? If it doesn’t work, that is fine, just found your product on Amazon and thought I would come over and at least ask the question since it does say Cedarwood oil would kill in the pupae and larval stages. Hi there! It’s plant-friendly, including flowers and shrubs. You can put cedar oil on furniture, rugs, clothing, and anywhere else you think that larvae will go. In adult insects, arachnids and other bugs, cedarwood oil helps dissolve their exoskeleton. I have yet to see any on or around my property but I am hopefully that Cedarcide will kill the nasty buggers once they get here. We are in the caterpillar stage right now. When Cedarcide kills the ticks on my dog I would definitely say your product is a wonder worker and recommend it wholeheartedly. 1). I first learned of Cedarcide when I had a bedbug issue. Thanks for the comment and positive words, Jim! So, maybe you have heard that Pennsylvania is being overrun by a very bad bug called the Spotted Lantern Fly. My dogs will sometimes eat grass. Our products can really help against those little monsters. If you need any help with bed bugs or have more questions, pls reach out to us at 800-842-1464 or email d.jones@cedarcide.com , I too am looking for bed bug products. Larvae cannot survive in freezing temperatures. This is the first year I am growing tomatoes, peppers and squash in pots. Glad to see you’re helping protect our pollintaing friends . Here’s a simple outline of each one. Can I use PCO Choice to spray plants in a vegetable garden? I have found only one tick on each dog in a year, which used to be weekly. I have a huge Firefly population around my yard that we enjoy in the summer. I know you are not to water over the top of tomatoes, but can the granular cedar be put in the pots of vegetables just on top of the soil? Asking for my cows…. The bugs I have are not in my carpet or clothes . The vapour from the oil is enough to kill all the carpet beetles. Works for me. Is there any data supporting use around chickens, etc. While I know Cedar Oil is toxic to birds, I’m unsure how fogging will affect him afterwards. Email us at d.jones@cedarcide.com. Please check your entries and try again. Something went wrong. Follow up to this.. will your product attract any unwanted bugs like wasps? The extreme heat from dry cleaning will kill any larvae that have infested your clothes. For your lawn I would suggest the Lawn & Garden Kit, here’s the link: https://www.cedarcide.com/product/lawn-garden-insect-treatment-kit/, Let us know if we can be of any more help . However you are likely to see less spiders and reptiles given that they feed on many of the bugs our products will kill and repel. If I use the fogger, will the residue afterwards affect my parrot? We live on the fourth floor, with a large evergreen in front of the window. I have turkeys that peck at the ground, birds on bird feeders knock seeds down, I have hummingbirds and squirrels, etc, Will these products hurt them if used around the yard? Yes you can certainly use the Cedar Granules that way, both in indoor planters and outdoor, too. Rain does not usually cause any issue with the product unless it’s a very heavy rain that causes flooding or lots of standing water in your lawn, in which case you would need to apply again. I can hear the clicking noises, but don’t see any sawdust. or any precaution to ions Th at should be followed? Once the … When I first learned I had Lyme in 2017, I searched for a natural repellent. Cedarwood oil disrupts these pheromones which not only disorients the insects but interferes with their fundamental bodily processes like breathing. Which product can I use to treat the furniture and how? I am a new customer. What’s up with that? You will want to make sure you use a phenol-free Cedarwood Oil and that you formulate it specifically for pest control using appropriate levels of carrier oils. Our area [Maine] is dealing with a huge outbreak of Brown Tail [moth] Caterpillars. Nope not at all, unless they are washed away from your property. For dogs that go outside often, daily or every other day. We do not have testing for these pests in particular, however our products work great against moths in general. Yep! While they are in larva stage, they look for tight place, like the inside of a jar lid that is still sealed, for example, and wedge themselves between the inside of the lid and outside of the jar. Termites, in unfinished garage and outside.