They're all great questions from our point of view. The older models were designed to burn sawdust for cold smoking. You need to consider the dimension of your cold smoke generator if you plan to place the smoker and your food into the cooking container. Wood is a common fuel source for the electric and non-electric cold smoke generators, but the size of the wood each one accepts is different. Cold smoking is a simple way to add that unique and exceptional smoky flavor to your meals. Allow the pellets to burn until it is glowing hot, and then blow out the flame. Bags may weigh less than designated due to drying of the product. The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER Cold Smoke Generator is lightweight and portable. You do not need to worry about this if you select the electric cold smoke generators from this list. Oppositely, if you want to smoke food like cheese and sausages, exposing it even to low temperatures will cause the food to melt, spoiling it in the process. Carefully place the smoker in your cooker, and you are ready to cold smoke. Simply load the stainless steel contraption (it really does look like a maze for pet rodents) with the sawdust of your choice and ignite one corner. *Actual product may vary slightly from picture. In contrast to hot smoking, it does not cook food but imparts smoky flavor and color. It will allow you to smoke food like salmon and cheese that would spoil if overheated. It produces delicious results when done correctly. Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator – The Top-Rated Cold Smoke Generator, #2. 2019 Buyers Guide to the Best Cold Smoke Generator, Top 3 Best Cold Smoke Generator: A Comparison Chart, The Cold Smoke Generator with a Long-Lasting Smokiness, The Cold Smoke Generator with a Hexagonal Shape for Efficient Diffusion of Smoke, The Cold Smoke Generator That Can Be Powered By a 12-Volt DC Outlet, Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Cold Smoke Generator, #1. "There is no real need for decorations when throwing a barbecue party - let the summer garden, in all its vibrant and luscious splendor, speak for itself.". The fuel container on the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator can hold up to six cups of wood chunks and chips, so, you can use this device for up to four hours. However, the smoke time you can get from this product is dependent on the chips or pellets you are using. There are salient points to know when making a buying decision. Use in your LEM Smoker or with your grill. The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER Cold Smoke Generator – The Cold Smoke Generator with a Long-Lasting Smokiness, #3. The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER Cold Smoke Generator –, SMOKING 101 – Things You Need to Know About Smokers and Smoking, The Best Propane Smoker – Excellent Choice for the BBQ in 2019, The Best Pellet Smoker That Can Make the Most Delicious BBQ, The Best Electric Smoker – 2019 Collection, Best Offset Smokers: The Essential Equipment of Backyard Enthusiasts. However, some users complained the pellet holder has a small capacity. Cold smoking is a simple way to add that unique and exceptional smoky flavor to your meals. You can use a cold smoke generator in almost any cabinet or food chamber provided that there is ventilation top and bottom to create an air flow. For instance, some non-electric models require fine bits of wood, such as wood dust or small wood chips. That’s all! Cold smoking is pretty easy and can be done at your home. Always work with dry sawdust because it won’t burn if it’s soaked. Another fascinating feature about this product is that it can be connected to a standard wall outlet or a 12-volt DC outlet found in most cars. Cold smoking operates at temperatures less than 85°F. However, this cold smoke generator does not work with pellets or forced-air grills. Best Gas Smoker: Remarkable Cooking Quality with a Unique Twist. This way, you will achieve the same smoke and heat processing found in a standard hot smoker. It is deliberately made that way for seamless fitting into your smoking or grilling cabinet with a 3/8-inch hole. This cold smoke generator is designed to work in any smoker and grill (gas, charcoal, or electric) and with any smoker. It is designed to seamlessly add smoky flavor in any smoker or grill while being suitable for both cold and hot smoking. You will find that they need to be replenished fairly often. Cold smokers are designed to operate at temperatures below 85°F, so, melting is not an issue. Load your smoke generator with pellets, light both ends one at a time with a torch, holding the flame pellets until ignition. Try this sawdust when smoking fish, poultry and other meals. With this setup, you will be able to make one of the best-smoked salmon around. It is therefore important to get the temperature right. Well, it should, who wouldn’t love the satisfying cold smoked dishes made in the comfort of their home? Sawdust can be used for hot or cold smoking and produces a nice, even smoke. A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker – The Rust-Resistant Cold Smoke Generator, #5. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. If you need a cold smoke grill that gives you freedom and convenience, make this unit your product of choice. All Rights Reserved. Big in name, and big in output, this generator from Smoke Daddy is able … Cooking with a cold smoke generator is an adventure that you should definitely try. Additionally, electric cold smoke generators are designed to be easy to refill if you need the smoke to stay on for a more extended period. However, some customers complained it can make the outdoor grill cook like a smoker pit. This cold smoke generator unit from A-MAZE-N is versatile and easy to use. © 2020 Stonewall's BBQ LLC. I have used this salt beef cure on a couple of occasions (last time for this Christmas) and found it excellent. Gas vs Electric Smoker – Which One Is the Best? Just fill the stainless steel “maze” with pellet and light it up. Like its close cousin, the tube smoker, this is a passive cold smoke generator system. Here we cover some of the features you should take note of, and how they can affect your cooking process. Connect this product to these devices is pretty easy, and setting up requires little effort. Although this smoker is initially designed to supplement smoke in an electric smoker, it is equally suitable for grills and smokers of all types. Designed to be small, light, and portable; it is super easy to use and clean, and it’s the perfect cold smoke generator for all types of occasions. It will help make the meat safe to eat. This item Will Outdoor Cold Smoke Generator Sawdust Powder Smoker Hot and Cold Smoking BBQ Saw Charcoal Gas Grill Hot and Cold Smoking Salmon Meat Burns Realcook 13.78 inch Cold Smoke Generator for BBQ Grill or Smoker Wood dust Hot and Cold … Its a details article about this product, Nicely describe. The A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker is capable of supplying smoke for up to 12 hours. Complete and return the warranty card with a copy of your purchase receipt to LEM Products at 4440 Muhlhauser Rd., Suite 300, West Chester, OH 45011-9767. It is made from stainless steel, easy to clean, and safe to use. It is well-made, very efficient, and easy to use. Suite 300, West Chester, OH 45011-9767 USA, Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm EST    (877) 336-5895. Best Smoker Box For Gas Grill: Turn Every Meal Into A Feast. Unlike traditional cold smoke generators that roll around during use, this pellet smoker tube stays in place. Another advantage this product has is the fact that it can accept pellets rather than chunks or chips. It produces a lot of smokes for an extended period. LIZZQ Premium Pellet Smoker – The Cold Smoke Generator with a Hexagonal Shape for Efficient Diffusion of Smoke, #4. This item: The Sausage Maker - Hickory Sawdust for Smokers, 5 lbs. Have you tried cold smoking? Great for applications a refrigerator size or larger. It provides up to 4 hours of smoke. In fact, that's their specialty. Our Customer Service Team is here to help answer any question you might have, from selecting the right product to how to use it. The A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker comes in a compact size that makes it very easy to transport from your home to a tailgate event, camping, or any BBQ party. It is suitable for cold and hot smoking alike and can be used with a variety of wood pellets such as pecan, apple, mesquite, hickory, cherry, and many more.