Take a look below to find out the main differences between Chopped tomatoes and passata and be clued up before your next supermarket shop.. Passata is viewed as superior to canned tomatoes, many cooks recommend it over other raw tomato products. Tomato puree is tomatoes that have been blended up, usually without skins and seeds. Or balance it out with sugar. How Is Passata Different from Other Tomato Products? I always have to add sugar when using passata, but rarely when just using tinned. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. 3 Answers. xx Sarah. The flavour: as chopped tomatoes are picked when they are at their ripest, the result is very flavourful, of which is made twice as nice with its own juices. Our tomato range only contains certified organic tomatoes (no herbicides or pesticides! Passata and canned tomatoes can pretty much be used interchangeably as they are very alike, only difference would be that passata takes out all the manual labour for you. Canned tomatoes often contain tomatoes, salt and citric acid – sometimes there’s added calcium chloride (usually to chopped tomatoes to retain it’s shape while it is cooking). Passata is uncooked tomato puree. When making real Ragu, what really is the specific difference between. Wrong. For clarification, I called Beth Richwine, a spokeswoman for Indiana's Red Gold Tomatoes. Also, pasta sauce regularly has different fixings, as an example, carrots, onions, and garlic, while tomato paste is cooked all the way down to be extra thought and thick. When using passata, I usually use less of it, or it can get a bit more acidic than with just a tin of toms, and more likely to give me the dreaded heartburn!! Relevance. Tomato paste should be treated as a "concentrate" ingredient. ), tomato juice, salt & citric acid. Chopped tomatoes. Tomato sauce and tomato paste are cooked items, which during a flash make them nearly identical as passata. What`s the difference between passata, a tin of chopped tomatoes, and a tin of tomatoes puree? Thanks. 99% of the time that you'll be using canned tomatoes would be to crush/strain them into a sauce consistency anyway. (though tinned toms probably already have sugar added) Anonymous. Hi. What is the difference between these three? It might be chunky depending on the brand that you buy. Tomato sauce is precooked, and available with a wide variety of ingredients, ranging from meat and mushrooms to onions, carrots, garlic and other vegetables. using tomatoes (so, for say 1kg of meat, a big pile of tomatoes, chopped and cooked-in for many hours as the last step) using Passata (so, for say 1kg of meat, a few cups of Passata, cooked-in for many hours as the last step) Answer Save.