Are British Shorthair Cats Friendly and Affectionate? Finally got sick of poor spawning behavior so I ended up sticking them in a 60-gallon planted tank in my family room. While feeding just ensures that you do not overfeed them because it will greatly affect the quality of your water; over-feeding means, more waste and accumulation of food debris in the bottom, that will in turn, make your tank dirty. By the way, any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase. What age Discus should be bought? Their friendly nature and beautiful patterns that often makes them the first choice when setting up community tanks. Remember, having fish and an aquarium is supposed to be a fun hobby. We’ll get down to who makes a good roomie in a bit. Discus can absolutely not tolerate cold water and would soon start falling sick. So you’ll be able to tell when it’s happy and when it’s sad. They would also do well with other peaceful fish that can survive in similar tank conditions as them. Large size Tropical Fish: These fish might get aggressive towards your Discus, bullying them into a corner. Nitrate, on the other hand, becomes toxic only when present in higher concentration. Tried different combinations in a bare-bottom 20 with no luck (male attack female, female lays eggs and male just watches, male eats eggs, etc). The Pentazona Barb fish usually travels in a group of six, which is important to remember when setting up the aquarium. No worries about cleaning those up when you have clown loaches swimming around. Differentiating male and female Discus is not a very simple task. In order for these fish to thrive, the aquarium should have plenty of plant cover and enough circulating water to mimic its natural habitat. Discus Tankmates Keep in mind that your tank should be a Discus tank first - make sure the other fish you intend to keep conform to Discus conditions, and not vice-versa! The Pentazona Barb is a great tank mate for the discus fish because, like the Discus, it is not an aggressive fish and will not fight for food. If you try to put an angelfish in with a discus, good luck finding your Discus because it is going to swim and hide any chance it gets. As these fish mature, they become aggressive, too aggressive for the Discus to handle. So if you’re planning on adding one to your Discus tank, you better rethink that and set the table for four guests! If their dietary need is met, they bloom and their colors become more vibrant. It belongs to a family of fish known as cichlids and is characterized by its flat, disc-shaped body (thus the name), which helps it glide through the tank and any plant life that’s around it. Care level: Moderate Max Size of fish: 2-3 inches Temperature range: 78-85 degrees Fahrenheit pH range: 6-7. As discussed in the article, Discus Fish are very social in nature and love to stay in communities. After heating comes filtration, Discus Fish require high quality water thus making a filtration tool highly important. The parents do a great job of defending the eggs and the very young fry but just can't keep track of a large school of little ones zipping around the tank. Sensitive as they are, Discus Fish is prone to catching bacteria. The longfin white cloud should get plenty of flakes for its food with plenty of vegetables. I had one in a community setup [150 gal] with lots of plants and driftwood and he did ok but only would eat live food [brine shrimp and tubifex worms].He would pick at some flakes but the other fish would eat it before he made up his mind. if you plan to house other species of fish along with the discus, it is necessary that you choose those that can also survive in similar water parameters. My name is Nadine; I am a passionate writer and a pet lover. Can we keep single Discus in a community tank? However, they are very social in nature and adjust well with various other fish too. Thus, when placing them in a tank, make sure you keep their future size into consideration. Who knows, they may even have a favorite show! Cardinal tetras are dither fish. When setting up an aquarium it is advised to keep plants with driftwood roots so as to replicate their home surroundings. Hot and cold don’t mix, and the same goes for fish that prefer different water temperatures. Just make sure they are given the desired environment and they would not only thrive but also grow in number too. After all of the work it is doing in the tank, that’s not too much to ask and a great Discus Tank Mate! It is adiced to add few discus fish in the start and when they are acclimitaized and stabilized, then add few more fish. Don’t be fooled by its name. These fish are beautiful with their sliver-body and jet-blacked tail. Discus. What is the origin of Discus Fish? In my opinion it’s one of the best fish compatible with discus. These fish may eat very small species, but they are nonaggressive and do very well in community tanks with other calm species. This is because the baby discus feed on a secretions released by their mother. Jack also runs another blog where he shares his love for the outdoors and backyard lifestyle. Most Tetras like the cardinal or neon tetra as well as some bottom feeders like the corydoras catfish would work well. The ideal tank mates for discus fish Native to the Amazon River, the discus prefers warm water with temperatures between 82 and 88-degrees Fahrenheit. Discus 12 years ago 50,628 views. So make sure there are plenty of little hiding places in the tank and they will be an ideal Discus Tank Mate. As discussed, Discus Fish is a very sensitive fish that needs its tank to be cleaned regularly. Do Bengals Have an “M” on Their Forehead? What fish are compatible with Discus Fish? 6. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Cardinal Tetras make good Discus tank mates because they not only share some common treatment characteristics but also are peaceful fish. An ideal bottom feeder for your Discus community tank would be Corydoras Catfish. Height, Weight & Growth Range for Adult Abyssinian Cats. So he will use this thread to post his first 10 post so he can use full features. African cichlids and neon tetras would fall into this category. If you observe this fish, you’ll quickly see it takes its time swimming around the tank and lets all the other fish know who’s tops in the tank. If you plan to purchase Discus for breeding, there is no accurate way of telling their gender when they are juveniles. The glowlight tetras have a glowing strip along their body, which gives them a beautiful look. Another fish you should keep out of the tank is the angelfish. First comes the diet, it is important to give your fish a mixture of fresh foods and commercial off-the-rack food. Advanced search. Wrong! See, it’s even important for fish to have their veggies. When placing your tank’s gravel, chose the one that has neutral colors so that it creates a contrast with your Discus’s colors. They like to feed on flakes, micropellets, and small bits of frozen foods. They like moderate lighting, so if you have plants in the tank, it will help to bring the lighting to a level these fish-like. A fun fact about the apisto agassizi is that it will change color depending on its mood. Avoid really small fish like neon tetras that might not grow big enough and become food. A little fun fact about Corydoras Catfish…it likes to be kept in groups of four. They thrive with other peaceful fish like the Discus. Our wonderful community and loyal customer base is what makes us as great as we are. Sponsors. Feeding a pair of Discus is one thing, but feeding a whole community tank is completely different. 12 Awesome Discus Tank Mates For Your Not-so-social Discus Fish – Compatibility List and Care Guide, What fish are compatible with Discus Fish, on 12 Awesome Discus Tank Mates For Your Not-so-social Discus Fish – Compatibility List and Care Guide. Just because they’re often referred to as the kings of the aquarium, it doesn’t mean they need to be fed like one. If kept in the right way, a Discus can live upto 10 years. Our display tanks are community tanks with other discus and fish such as cardinal tetras and algae eaters. Max Size of fish: 5 inches. by ValG [November 14, 2020, 12:56:24 pm] Aquatics to your door by fishtank [November 08, 2020, 12:20:27 am] ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The best tank mates would be small fast and active fish that don’t have long fins. When you place a group of Discus Fish, it is very likely that they pair off and start breeding. I've been messing around with a trio of discus over the last 6 months.