The world of computers is ever expanding like some kind of science fiction infinite … MOUSE: is a peripheral input electronic computer … This is an essential part of a computer’s … Welcome to a beginner’s guide on the basic computer parts and their functions. External Hard Drive. THE COMPUTER ANATOMY. EXTERNAL PARTS DISPLAY: It is an output device that, using an interface displays the results of processing a computer. Another good alternative if a USB drive doesn't offer enough storage, the part of a computer you'll be after is an external hard drive, or if you prefer, get a USB hard drive case and make … A fan inside a computer is a fan that sucks cool air into the PC case and blows hot air out of the case and stops any key components overheating. USB ports are widely used for connecting mice, external hard drives, cameras and many … The monitor concept was first defined by Charles Antony Richard Hoare in a 1974 article. Is an external hard drive considered hardware? For a traditional desktop computer this comprises the main system unit, a display screen, a … A number of standardized ports facilitate the easy connection of external components to a computer. Hardware refers to all of the physical parts of a computer system.