Fender 2 pin tuners and Squier tuners have a different pin spacing for some reason only known to the geniuses at Fender. Why make the tuner mounting pattern compatible when you can make it difficult? Learn more about Fender electric basses. Plan is to use illustrator, draw out the large holes to match … Our Guitar Tuner Upgrade Kits for 6 Inline and 3+3 headstocks fits this style. Guyker locks guitar pegheads compatible with Gibson Les Paul, Fender Strat, SG, EPI, Tele style electric, folk or acoustic guitars. Set of six locking 6-in-line tuners designed to fit most modern-style Fender electric guitars with dual-pin mounting configuration. Trying to find a diagram with accurate measurements. Tusq XL nut Tusq string tree Fender Locking tuners They all change your sound a little, in my case in a way I like, but some people think it moves toward "hi-fi" and don't like that. I filled the holes in the Cort. While there are a lot of different manufacturers making inline locking machine heads which will fit a Fender, we prefer Fender’s own locking tuners. Would these be the same as the Fender ones? With the lock tuners and "normal" tremolo I don't see a need for the locking nuts (especially when gigging it, string breaks, etc it can be a pain). In any case, this puts teflon at each friction point. Had the 2-pin holes for tuners so bought some used Fender satin chrome locking tuners and the pins were the correct distance apart from each other, but, the distance out from the shaft was different. The included UMP™ means no modifications to the instrument. I can't seem to track down the "ebanol buts" that folks used to use to replace the locking nuts and i can't seem to find whether or the LSR roller nut is a drop in or not. Staggered tuners increase the break angle over the nut and improve tuning stability. I put graphtech on all my guitars if I can help it. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. I can shim it if needed, not a big deal. Fender Deluxe Locking Machine Heads. Tuning machines almost always use a bolt on nut from the front of the headstock and either a single mount screw or mount pins. Best Locking Tuners for Fender Stratocasters & Telecasters. Guitars with (3) tuners per side headstocks will typically experience tuning problems associated with the “D” and “G” strings hanging up and binding at the nut do to their extreme string path angles. Tall post tuners are used for the wound strings and shorter post tuners are used for the plain strings. Most Fender guitars will use similar sized tuners, which means that you won’t need to re-size the holes to install new tuner heads. Considered the modern standard hole size used with most contemporary tuners. Guyker 6 Pcs Guitar Locking Tuners (6R, 6L or 3R3L) - 1:18 Ratio Lock String Tuning Key Pegs Good locking tuner pegs can ensure you to play your beloved guitar flexibly and accurately.