If you’re a beginner or someone who is only playing guitar for fun and you’re not planning to advance and perform more seriously, you don’t have to look into new locking tuners at all. This includes the entire body of the guitar from the bridge to the nut and even from the quality of the guitar strings. Versatile tuners – you can use this locking tuner on any type of guitar including an acoustic, electric or acoustic-electric guitar. There are chrome tuners, gold tuners, black and gold tuners, and more. Last but not least, our first choice when it comes to locking tuners is this trim-lock set of six inline guitar tuners from Sperzel. Although not appealing to all, it enhances the value of your instrument no matter what type of guitar you play. You will get six pieces in a set and have an 18:1 Rotomatic design. They feature a very intuitive installation system that makes them easy to put up and start using right away. However, unlike the previous set, this set includes six staggered locking tuners for more precise tuning. The basic ones that come with every guitar are good enough for the needs of an average player. The best practice is to stretch the strings like normal and then tune it back up again. What it is and how it helps guitar players will be answered in this review. The powerful chrome tuners grip the strings very firmly for a more accurate response. The clamps come in 3 + 3 format. With a flawless finish and good quality – the lovely, sleek design will enhance the looks and style of your guitar and adds value to it as well in case you want to sell it. Precise gearing ratio – this is a precise ratio that will prevent slipping. These standard style tuners are most likely going to fit all standard guitar models. These have added features that will prevent the strings from losing their tension. Overall, this is one of the best sets of tuners that you can currently get on the market and it is definitely the highest quality choice from our list of reviews. Their high quality gear housings with sealed lubrication ensure the best sound response every time you tune your guitar. There are many elements in a guitar that can affect tuning and stability. Just check if your modern guitar has the correct hole for easy and seamless installation. Will replace standard stock tuners – this has an easy, updated design that will replace old-fashioned and inefficient tuners. We encourage you to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment below and let us know which set of locking tuners you like the best. However, not everyone appreciates the sleek and shiny chrome finish. Therefore, if you’re looking for a locking tuner that will fit your type of guitar, shop wisely. You’ll get maximum tuning stability and thus will provide the best results each time. You still need to calibrate your strings. Kmise locking tuners are perfect for guitars with steel strings. One of our top choices is the Fender Locking Tuners. Quickly Review 1. Here are ten of the best locking tuners in the market today. For all types of guitars – whether you’re using a tremolo or other guitars, you’ll find these locking tuners easy to use and install. These tuners will keep your strings in perfect tune for a long period of time. These tuners will reduce the need to wrap the string over and over again around the tuner. If you don’t want a heavy neck, then don’t use locking tuners. Nowadays, setting up a HDTV is more than just putting everything together and having it work properly. These will stay in shape and are very easy to install as well. Comes with all you need – You can replace your tuners right away as it has all you need to install it on your guitar. Some are happy with black, while some want stylish and luxurious gold. Comes in a set – no need to pay extra for additional supplies and mounting accessories. This is why most users don’t really find locking tuners necessarily. It comes in a set – no need to buy installation hardware, and in fact, it does not need additional hardware for installation as well. Because it comes with all the parts you need, you won’t have to look elsewhere for parts. 18:1 are for standard guitars while 16:1 are for modern guitars. Start by checking the gear ratio, which basically tells you which ones will match your guitar head. It is one of the most affordable locking tuners that offer this level of quality. Comes with complete mounting or installation accessories including ferrules, screws and threaded bushings. Once installed, these will improve tuning stability and will keep your guitar in tip-top playing shape. Easy to install –you can set these up in minutes. Also, these value locking tuners comes with a limited lifetime warranty. StereoChoice.Com Is A Partner In The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, An Affiliate Advertising Program Designed To Provide A Means For Sites To Earn Advertising Fees By Advertising And Linking To Amazon.Com. 16:1 are usually for headstocks with 10mm tuning holes, while the 18:1 is for traditional headstocks. These are easy to install and use, ideal for guitar players with a sense of DIY. These locking tuners feature strong rear thumbscrews that lock the strings in place and keep the guitar tuned for a while. They are a great upgrade from the plain tuners that come with standard guitar models. First, these tuners are lightweight at only 10.4 ounces, so you won’t have to deal with a heavy headstock and strain on your instrument. If you have any guitars from the Fender America Deluxe series, these are the same Fender locking tuners that are on those guitars. These tuners are precise at 18:1 and come with very strong string clamps. If you have a guitar with an improperly fitted tuner, the locking tuner from Fender is what you need to lock your strings in place. These tuners are well constructed and won’t be subject to wear and tear. Easy to install – since you have all you need in the set, installation is breezy. However, the tuners can also be adjusted without drilling, depending on the guitar model. All guitars come with the basic, traditional tuners that get the job done. In varying heights, the HipShot staggered options work perfectly. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fender Locking Tuners - Vintage-Style Buttons - Polished Chrome at Amazon.com. Set of six tuners with 3 long and 3 short posts, Included in a set bushings, washers, mounting hardware, Used on American Deluxe and the American Elite Series guitars.