Storing 3.4 out of 5 stars 24. Tarragon Seeds- Herb Seeds - 100 + Seeds Tarragon Seeds for Planting - French Tarragon Seeds - MexicanTarragon Seeds Organic - Artemisia Dracunculus Seeds (200) $6.99 $ 6. 80 - 90 Days Select Packet $4.95 1/16 Ounce $10.65 1/8 Ounce $16.85 1/4 Ounce $28.05 1 Ounce $88.25 1/4 Pound $236.65 1 Pound $778.50 Due to its graceful leaves, Tarragon also combines beautifully with irises and lilies and, because this sun lover is resistant to drought, can also grow very well in pots and baskets on your terrace. Tarragon thrives in full sun, well-drained locations. $3.75 $ 3. Tarragon can spread quite easily so may be best grown in a container. HOW TO GET FREE DELIVERY FREE RETURNS. This grows well in containers. … French tarragon plants grow up to 24 inches high and 12 inches wide in two years. Tarragon is one of the four ‘fines herbes’ in French cooking and is traditionally paired with chicken, fish and egg dishes. Both small plants in 3 1/2" pots, planted into the same 18" pot filled with Supersoil pepped up with water crystals and perlite, on the same day. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. An essential herb for French cuisine, tarragon adds flavor and depth to sauces, salads, eggs, soups, fish and poultry dishes—and is the sine qua non for béarnaise sauce. Tarragon is a classic French herb that tastes delicious in fish and chicken dishes and has wonderful fragrant leaves that are a great embellishment in your flower border. Flavors similar to anise, licorice, and fennel, French tarragon lends a beautifully soft texture to the garden with soft, strappy, narrow green leaves. See full product description Buy 3 or more packs and save: SIZES: 1-2 3-8: 9+ 3 Maxiplug Pack: Out of Stock - ordering from January 2021 £3.99: Out of Stock - ordering from January 2021 £3.79: Out of Stock - … Look in the Image section under "tarragon" and compare the plant I got from Lazy S's mailorder nursery (a DG top 30 and I found them here) -- huge, aromatic, beautiful-- with the one I got from a local nursery. 99. French Tarragon is more flavourful than the Russian variety, and can only be grown from cutting as its seeds are sterile. French Tarragon Plants. The leaves are narrow, up to 2 inches long, and have a fresh green color. French Tarragon offers aromatic, licorice-flavored leaves as it most often used as a seasoning in salads, seasoning mixes and vinegars. We grow our French Tarragon Herb Plants organically and guarantee them to … The flowers are tiny, pale green, and sterile. Tarragon is also used to flavour B?arnaise sauce. French Type: Tender Perennial Herb Common Name: French Tarragon Soil Type: Neutral Site: Full Sun, Part Shade: Moisture: Well-drained Height: 90cm (36in) Spacing: 45cm (18in) Sowing, Seeds, Planting: Plant cuttings April-May. The Russian species is larger, coarser, and has no culinary merit. Russian tarragon (Artemisia dracunculoides) is very closely related to French tarragon but has no flavor. 100 TARRAGON - French / Kitchen / Common / Dragons Wort - Artemisia Dracunculus Flower Herb Seeds . Misc: Culinary: Shade: Full Sun: Soil: Good, Well Drained: Artemisia dracunculus. For signed up members Subscribe. A little goes a long way! Aromatic leaves are a substitute for French tarragon. Care Tips: Protect from hard winter frosts, and mulch in the autumn.