Something in the house does this weird whistle sound. Stopping doesn’t slow you down, and you’ll feel safer and more confident on the road. Either 9 or 12 dip switches in the battery compartment would tell you what the actual genie code was. How do I get an e-Bike serviced or repaired? The 200 series e-Bikes also come with a phone mount and integrated … e-Bike laws differ from state to state, so we recommend checking out this informative map by People for Bikes which gives a quick overview of ownership laws state-by-state. With bike lane initiatives in major metropolitan areas nationwide, biking around town has never been easier. The app can be used to understand range and battery life, plan routes, track ride history, and measure exertion. To register your e-Bike, click here. The GenZe app works through Bluetooth connection on the 200 series e-Bikes only. Most Genie garage door openers also have the model number under the light bulb cover on the power head or on the back panel. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to maneuver, use and transport, delivering excellent uptime. GenZe e-bikes are 46 pounds, which in the world of e-bikes is relatively lightweight. I went from pissed off to laughing! What differentiates GenZe e-Bikes from the competition? Garage door opener parts for Genie model garage door openers. Genie Model 300 ProMax (PMX-IC B Series) Model 300 ProMax (PMX-IC B Series) Click on the PDF icon to view the owners manual Genie SD8000 SD8000 Genie SD9000 SD9000 Genie SD9500 SD9500 Genie SC1200 SC1200 Genie ReliaG 800 ReliaG 800 How to choose between the new and the old manual. With a removable battery that plugs in anywhere, a huge storage area, and a connected app, the GenZe electric scooter is the ultimate personal transportation solution. 26” (x 1.75” for 100 series and 2” for 200 series). For old Genies get the GIRU universal conversion kit for about 50 bucks and you can use any of the new genie intellicode remotes with your unit. All genie bluemax remotes used dip switches to set the code to. The owners manual has the model on the front page of the manual. Snap the removable and lockable battery in and out for easy charging and security. This Site Might Help You. The old remote quit, there is no "learn" button on the unit nor is there any dip switches on the unit or the old remote. Yes, for our New e-Bikes we offer a 12-month warranty, to learn more click here. Nulla fermentum rhoncus nisi, in cursus elit. GenZe e-bikes allow you the flexibility to throttle, get a boost, or pedal on your own. In order to program remotes, however, there has to be dip switches or a learn button located somewhere in connection to the unit. Changing models now will remove all configured options. Did you know that the average commute is less than 8 miles a day? Is there a consumer product warranty on GenZe e-Bikes? This allows you to move at your pace, and match the speed of traffic. Get answers by asking now. User manuals, Genie Garage Door Opener Operating guides and Service manuals. To answer your question about the missing dip switches and learn button: Genie sometimes has some of the strangest configurations I've seen. What do you think of the answers? GenZe e-Bikes will go up to 20mph in throttle mode. And, for our Nearly New e-Bikes we offer a 90-day warranty, to learn more click here. Nullam vitae velit fermentum tellus porttitor pellentesque sagittis ut eros. Genie membrane filters use our proprietary phase separation membrane to provide the utmost analyzer protection. Notice how the instructions between choosing manuals does not specifically mention the ReliaG 800. A quick guide to frequently asked questions.