Introduction. For my workload of mainly software development, virtual machines, occasional gaming is the perfect spot for the basic components. I did some research shown that the stock ram is Samsung 16GB DDR4 PC4-21300, 2666MHZ, 260 PIN SODIMM, 1.2V, not sure about CL. I want to add one more 16GB ram. Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED SA-7US5020SH upgrade report Just for anyone wondering i got the cheapest model i7-9750H with 1660Ti, 8gb ram with 256gb ssd. does anybody try crucial's 16G*2 ram?? hi Guys, I want to upgrades my Aero 15 oled Ram,But Samsung's 16G is so expensive. Gigabyte's Aero 15 OLED stood out as one of the best high-performance laptops we tested in … Gigabyte's prosumer laptop gets a Core i7-10875H upgrade. maybe that is I can accepted price. Hi Everyone, I have a AERO 15 OLED SA (Intel 9th Gen), 16GB ram.