Students complete both their BSN and MSN degrees in the program. The School of Nursing is an integral part of the … For them, we offer a direct entry BSN/MSN program. Discover the schools, common courses, admittance requirements and tuition to decide which program is best for you. Accelerated Direct Entry BSN-MSN Admissions. Augusta University offers two unique pathways to the MSN degree with a concentration in Clinical Nurse Leader. Accelerated Nursing Programs in Georgia (BSN & MSN) Following is the List of 6 Accelerated BSN Programs in Georgia for 2020 1. Aspiring MSN students should have already completed a bachelor's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Search 1624 BSN to MSN Programs in our database, “I, personally, didn’t want to be in school part-time chipping away at a degree,” Russell explains. The course will probably assist students in analyzing the relationships between individuals, families, population groups, and communities through the health care industry. is an advertising-supported site. All rights reserved. At Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Illinois, the MSN-DEP program is available to Bachelor degree holders who aim to earn their MSN and pass the NCLEX at an accelerated rate. The program requires five semesters of clinical experiences, simulated patient care experiences, and coursework that strengthens students' skills as a health care team member. How Can I Become a Medical Laboratory Technologist. All rights reserved. Accelerated Direct-Entry BSN to MSN Nursing Programs, Online Master's Degree in Nursing - (BSN to MSN), RN vs. BSN Degree: Salary & Job Differences, Medical Administrative Assistant Education and Career, Schools and Courses to Learn Flower Arranging, Athletic Coaching Degree Program and Career Facts, Online Educational Leadership Degree Programs. A pharmacology course for nurses usually includes an overview of the history of drugs, as well as current issues. Although the lengths of the programs vary, they usually take three years to complete. Preceptor hours are not necessarily required by the State for indirect patient care specialties even though most schools will require them. © Copyright 2003-2020 The University of Cincinnati offers an accelerated direct-entry MSN program. A course in community health usually provides nursing students with the background necessary to work in community health practices. Description. Admission requirements, course pre-requisites and program design vary from school to school. Most commonly, prospective students work as nurses or nursing assistants and possess an associate degree or a non-degree nursing diploma. Because credit is given for previously completed relevant coursework, and because the workload is intensive, accelerated BSN programs can typically be completed in anywhere from 12 to 18 months. Accelerated MSN programs allow students to advance their nursing education beyond a bachelor's degree in nursing or in a different field. Saint Louis University offers a 21-month, five-semester direct-entry accelerated MSN program for students with a bachelor's degree in another field. The Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offers two accelerated pathways for the non-nurse with a baccalaureate degree to obtain a BSN. If the degree isn't in nursing or a science-related field, students should take prerequisite courses (including biology, microbiology, anatomy, organic and inorganic chemistry, and developmental psychology). Accelerated Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree programs are available for individuals with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, or for those who have a bachelor's degree in another field. Main Page Content. The program prepares students to become clinical nurse leaders. Students are admitted twice each year: January and July. This type of class might discuss how to educate patients on actions to promote their health and ways to implement community-based client care. Location: Waterloo, IA The program is two years long and courses can be taken in hybrid form with some sessions requiring in-person meetings while others being done online. The school's MEPN program is a direct-entry, two-year graduate program that covers the foundation of nursing practices. Accelerated BSN programs are becoming more popular due, in part, to an effort to alleviate the nursing shortage by increasing the pipeline of registered nurses. Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus. The Direct Entry BSN-MSN program is for students who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field, and are interested in becoming an advanced practice nurse (Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife) by completing both the BSN and MSN degree programs at Penn. Home Health Aide: Job Duties, Employment Outlook, and Education Requirements, Rankings for Business Administration OpenCourseWare Education. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. BSN-MSN Many students come to Penn Nursing knowing they want an advanced practice degree, and are able to confidently identify an area of specialization they’d like to pursue. The class might include topics in pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacodynamics, and an emphasis on pharmacotherapeutic agents in the treatment of illnesses. Discover the schools, common courses, admittance requirements and tuition to decide which program is best for you. Usually, these programs are structured as an accelerated BSN followed immediately by two years of graduate school. Students earn an MSN with a number of courses in pharmacology, community health, and health promotion/disease prevention. This accelerated 15-month program is designed for those who already have earned and Bachelor degree. A course in health promotion and disease prevention can explore how to identify the various risk factors for disease/illnesses, as well as assess and teach patients about their health risks. “It can be very stressful and a lot is thrown at you at once.”. Accelerated BSN programs offer a relatively fast transition to nursing as a second career for non-nursing graduates. The other pathway is an accelerated graduate program for students with non-nursing bachelor's degrees. Search 1624 BSN to MSN Programs in our database Understanding accelerated MSN nursing programs Accelerated nursing programs are designed to help students complete their degree programs at a much quicker pace. Marquette University offers an accelerated direct-entry MSN program for students who earned a non-nursing bachelor's degree. The first pathway is a full-time program for students who already have a BSN degree and want to further their education by obtaining an MSN degree. Please note: The application deadline is October 15 th for entry in June 2021, and … Like the accelerated BSN program, accelerated MSN programs give credit for previous applicable coursework and offer a fast-paced route to graduation. The BSN to MSN program is available from many schools as in-classroom, online, and a combination of both formats. The University of Pennsylvania offers an accelerated direct-entry BSN-MSN program for students who have a non-nursing bachelor's degree and are wanting to become an advanced practice nurse. Accelerated MSN programs are also referred to as direct entry nursing programs. Accelerated programs are available across the country. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a full-time Bachelor of Science in Nursing-MN program that builds on a student's completed BSN degree. Online delivery has become a popular option among students of direct-entry MSN programs in recent years. Similar to traditional MSN programs, institutions offer direct-entry MSN programs in a variety of formats, including part-time, accelerated, and online. The school provides a variety of degree programs for prospective nurses, including master’s programs in occupational therapy and a doctorate program in nursing practice. The rigorous schedule may preclude outside employment during your schooling, but scholarships may be available to help alleviate costs. However, these programs are demanding and serious commitment is required. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), there are currently 230 accelerated BSN programs and 65 accelerated MSN programs available in the United States today. Clinical hours are required for APRN roles because these require state licensure. Copyright © 2011-2020. The University of Texas at Austin offers an advanced MSN program for students who hold a BSN degree or a non-nursing bachelor's degree with an associate's degree in nursing or nursing diploma. In Carlow's accelerated nursing program, you may earn up to 12 master's nursing credits by the completion of your BSN degree. “I basically put my life on hold, lived off of loans, earned my BSN, and was off to work all in under a year and a half.”, “Don’t do it unless you are ready for some seriously hard work,” Russell advises.