In terms of Canadian Tax Laws, a legal paternity test is valuable in providing evidence of paternity for an individual not listed on the child’s birth certificate. You won't find an easier DNA test than Home Paternity®. We can provide paternity testing anywhere in Canada including the cities of Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. We will send two separate kits if the two people to be tested are located at different addresses. You need a simple, accurate, affordable paternity DNA test to take in the privacy of your own home. Paternity Depot does every type of relationship test, and our home sample collection kit is easy to use and clinically precise. A home paternity test is really the most simple and straightforward means of finding answers to your doubts as to who is the father of a child.You can of course choose to the legal paternity test, but this is really not worth it unless you need to be armed to go to court and need results that are court admissible. Order today! HomeDNA™ Paternity Analysis + Report for At-Home Use (formerly IDENTIGENE) brings peace of mind by answering paternity questions with DNA science. They have been providing these services since 1981 with highly accurate results, excluding, on average, 99.99% of non-fathers. $99 for Complete DNA Paternity Test . Industry gold standard testing of 16 to 28 genetic markers from an accredited laboratory ensures all tests are accurate and reliable. EasyDNA Canada makes it easy and affordable to complete a DNA test. Offering a full range of DNA testing services. LabCorp offers both legal tests and collections kits for at-home tests to establish paternity. The legal test is intended for ... and witnessing at one of our hundreds of legal collection facilities located throughout the United States and Canada. With decades of experience and over 20,000 locations nationwide, it's easy to see why HomeDNA is America's #1 paternity test brand. DNA testing results in 3 At homeDNAdirect Canada, we offer you a home paternity test that is not only highly accurate but it is also affordable and easy to do. Highly accurate paternity test done in the privacy of your home. Companies offering DNA paternity testing services. About this Paternity test. Contact us at 1-877-477-5661 Their legal test starts at $525 and take-home tests start at $210. All ... directly to the parties involved so that the samples can be collected quickly and discreetly in the privacy of your own home. Canada's Most Trusted DNA Testing Company. Once parentage is established, the child can be claimed as dependent and qualify for the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) if … Once the test is completed you will be called or emailed immediately and the certificate mailed to you on request.