I look forward to sharing ideas and recipes. I’ve gone from four meds for high blood pressure to zero by eliminating as much as possible salt and alcohol from my diet. A little sodium as part of a healthy diet is important for muscle and nerve function, but you don't need much. Also, please take a moment to read the disclaimer. Grind through a 1/4 inch grinding plate. These use butter, so watch out for the Cholesterol and Saturated Fat! If you do not have a meat grinder you can pulse it in your food processor in SMALL batches. Life is complicated enough, eating shouldn’t be! We share recipes that we have found and have made, noting changes made to make the recipe low sodium. All Rights Reserved. Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix well using a fork or your hands. We share pictures of the low sodium meals that we have prepared and if the sodium amount if known, that is posted as well. Take half of your sausage filling and make a log shape along the long side of the plastic wrap, leaving a 4-inch margin on the side as well as the top and bottom. © Copyright 2017. Form mixture into sixteen round (2- to 3-inch) patties. This low-sodium yeast bread has dried currants and raisins. We interact, we question, and we compliment and encourage each other. Pour over ground pork in large bowl and mix (I use disposable vinyl gloves for mixing and shaping). Add flour and stir to make a roux… It is a fact that a large percentage of the western population develops high blood pressure in later years. Stir together cream, sugar, nutmeg/mace, coriander, onion powder, pepper, ginger, sage, marjoram, seeds and dry mustard (if using). You bet there are low sodium recipes for sausage!. We also give credit to the source where the recipe was found. Welcome to Skip the Salt at the Low Sodium Lounge. Powered by, 3/4 tsp dried red pepper flakes (optional). Subscribe to our newsletter to receive new recipes in your email. Some of us have joined the group due to medical issues that make it necessary for us to follow a low sodium lifestyle, others are here because they just want to reduce the amount of sodium that they presently ingest on a daily basis – whatever your reason may be, having you here will be advantageous for all. You have entered an incorrect email address! Think outside the carton with these tasty twists. Heat griddle or skillet over medium and brown patties on both sides, about 5 minutes per side. Then fold the plastic wrap over the sausage and use your hands (or even a baking sheet) to press back against the sausage, working out any air bubbles. We are constantly looking for nutritious and flavorful foods with the lowest sodium that we can find. In a small mixing bowl beat eggs and beer together until well blended. No-Salt Crescent Rolls - 7.9 mg of Sodium per serving. Just look at the amount of salt a canned soup, canned vegetable, or fish contains. See more ideas about Low sodium, Low sodium recipes, Recipes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No Salt Crescent Rolls - Low Sodium Gourmet - 7.9 mg of sodium per serving. 2. Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix well using a fork or your hands. We will keep the spam to a minimum :) - we promise. One of the biggest reasons salt has always been associated with sausage making is because of the preservative value it brought to the mix. Sodium . 3. It is scar… We also share our own creations, listing the ingredients and sodium values. Enjoy it toasted for breakfast or as a side dish for soups and salads. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. 1. Homemade Chicken n’ Chive Crackers - 69 mg of Sodium per serving. Form mixture into sixteen round (2- to 3-inch) patties. We are so happy to have you here and to become involved in our dynamic group. !. 4. Lower heat to medium-low or even low if they seem to be burning. Cut the pork and beef into 2 inch cubes. Just make sure you cut your sodium intake in other parts of your diet to compensate for the huge amount that you'll consume with the bratwurst. 2. Once when we get it there is no way back and at best we can only try to control. We are always working on converting recipes we come across, whether those passed down for generations or the latest trends, to make low sodium versions.