Its time to create your own blues from scratch. Whether your dog left you or your woman (or […] One of the easiest and most important scales for blues piano is the so-called blues scale. The blues scale is a combination of a minor pentatonic scale with an additional scale degree 5 that is lowered. Let's go over the fingering. If you’re a beginner on this page, I have good news for you: you can play Blues piano at your own skill level and all it takes is for you to learn and master the scales, chords, and progressions. But before that, let’s first of all look at the C scale and how that looks on the keys – Here you can see an overhead view of some of the keys on a piano or keyboard. The notes that make up the blues scale are B, D, E, F, F# A, and B. The blues has its own scale. Pianists typically play blues scales on top of major chords which adds to the unique sound of them. Learn how to play the minor blues scale on piano, in all keys. Now we are going to talk about the B Blues scales. The basic formula for the blues scale can be used in any key but some keys will lend themselves easier to play on the piano. By doing this, you will know how to play melodic pieces and also how to improvise in between the chords. You can play fast blues, slow blues, happy blues, and sad blues. To be really proficient at jazz piano playing, it helps to know the blues scale. That’s right: You get to be a composer. The blues scales are really fun to learn, because if you are playing a blues song it sounds really good to just throw in a blues scale walk here and there. A lot of people are under the impression that Blues piano is NOT for beginners. Minor Blues Scale Chart. Learn How To Play The B Blues Scale On The Piano! This lesson on the basic blues scale for piano blues will cover how to find the right “blue notes” that are added to the major scale and will give some suggestions on how to use this new scale to improvise on the 12 bar blues progression. By only repeating the chords, you’ll run around in circles. This is why it’s great to incorporate the blues scale into your playing. Blues Scale. How do you apply the blues to the piano or keyboard? You can also download a free PDF Scale Chart. However, when it comes to figuring out how to play blues on the piano it can be very different. What you need is the secret piano blues scale!