In 1689 he left Oxford and married his wife, Elizabeth. Get started Geni World Family Tree. Create a free family tree for yourself or for John Locke and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. The candidate who submits the best essay overall will be awarded an honorary John Locke … It was here that he wrote a critique to John Locke’s An Essay on Human Understanding.. They moved to Newton St Loe near Bath in Somerset where he was the vicar. Family, friends and teachers are also welcome, subject to capacity constraints. In 1692 the Norris family moved to Bemerton, Wiltshire (just outside Salisbury) – a position that Locke had recommended him for. John Locke 1832 1880 John Locke, 1832 - 1880. John Locke was born on month day 1832, at birth place, to John Lock and Sarah Lock.