Four ingredients. You've got to try this sticky rice dessert. Peel back the banana leaf before eating the sticky, moist rice within. Get the recipe by clicking here. A lot of times khao tom is just made with water, but if you go the extra mile and make sure you’ve got some stock in the fridge or freezer, it really takes the taste to another level. Sep 26, 2013 - Curious about Thai sweets? Fillings usually consist of black beans, yellow soy beans, taro or sweet banana. Yumminess is awaiting you! Khao Tom Mad - Thai Sticky Rice Dessert with Recipe We have had the pleasure to try Khao Tom Mad recently. Khao tom is made from sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar, topped with a filling and then steamed in a banana leaf packet. Khao tom is a Laotian steamed dessert made with sweet sticky rice, coconut and a variety of additions to taste, all wrapped up in banana leaves. Khao tom (Lao: ເຂົ້າຕົ້ມ; Thai: ข้าวต้ม, pronounced [kʰâ(ː)w tôm]; also spelled kao tom), or Khao tom mat (Thai: ข้าวต้มมัด, pronounced [kʰâ(ː)w tôm mát]) is a Southeast Asian dessert eaten by Laotian and Thai people, consisting of seasoned steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. Four simple cooking steps. The second ingredient is Thai fried garlic – gratium jeow.