Heat the vegetable oil in a large casserole, brown the lamb neck all over until golden, then remove to a plate. Good things come to those who wait and a tasty lamb shank is definitely worth the cooking time. Add the white wine to deglaze the pan and reduce until the liquid evaporates. Put the lamb neck back in along with the green sauce and top up with chicken stock to just cover. Watch the best of channel 4 e4 and more4 on demand. I suppose it’s true to Jamie Oliver’s style – good food, done simply. Lamb ragu jamie oliver. Jamie takes some classic Moroccan flavours and techniques the shows you every step of the way. Jamie Oliver's spiced lamb shanks are melt in the mouth delicious and is actually one of the cheapest cuts of lamb This is one of the dishes I cooked on my first TV show, The Naked Chef, in 1999. A delicious lamb recipe for tagine. Either freeze it or re-heat and serve. Includes a huge catch up window an ever expanding library of programmes original shorts … TIP: Lamb can be quite fatty, so let it get to room temperature, then refrigerate, the fat will solidify on top of the dish, you can then spoon it off for a less greasy, healthier version. serves 4. Take the carrots out and you have yourself a IPD friendly ragu to serve with cauliflower rice. Season the lamb neck well and dust with the flour.