Visual trail map of Mt. This also had the toughest climb, though not too tough. Not much flow. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are counter clockwise. Nice trail system, not to difficult just a good ride. I'd come back here again, but if I had my choice I wish there was a few more sections that had a little more flow. Just finished this ride and overall I'd say I have mixed feelings about this trail system. Create an Account », 1120 SW Fifth Avenue I found myself at the 3rd trail surprisingly quick. Fun trail that flows well and nice rock garden. I rode it CW (Saturday) and did all three loops. Visual trail map of Powell Butte Nature Park - updated June 2016. Almost all of … Lots of big roots and rocks. Not sure why but that's what the sign instructs you to do. The first half of the trail, clockwise, was pretty easy with little worth mentioning; relatively smooth and consistent, though the slippery pine straw and frequent switchbacks prevented any real speed. Sandy rocky soil = ride anytime Alot of loose rock, sand and roots reminded me of a coastal trail with minimal elevevation change. Having said that, this trail isn't much fun! Rode this for the first time today, mainly because Allatoona Creek was not open. Lots of roots and little rocks cover a majority of the trail here, so be prepared for a slow, bumpy ride at some point. The hikers don't tend to head down to toward Rocks of Doom or Booger, so you're pretty much alone there. Still it's a good ride if you live nearby. Rocks of doom has more roots and rock than most trails, although not particularly technical. Nothing overly difficult about these trails, but the solitude makes for a nice ride. Keep your speed up, you'll need some momentum to get over the big ones. Go 2.4 miles into the city of Marietta and turn right onto Whitlock Ave. Go 10.3 miles and turn right onto East Paulding Drive. Singletracks Merch | The Rocks of Doom was pretty fun and had some technical sections as well. Ended up hooking up with other riders along the way and rode with them, which made the ride more enjoyable. Good for practicing low speed cornering and technical stuff though. Tabor. Most of the elevation change is at a pretty low gradient, so combined with the switchbacks it's more-so a test of patience and endurance. 2nd half (again while going clockwise) of the most interior loop was probably the most entertaining with some larger, technical features, more frequent change in elevation, and several bridges crossing back and forth over small streams. Tabor Park. I'll probably ride it a second time before heading home, but doubt I'll be back any time soon due to living closer to Blankets Creek. Best Bike Trails | 3 chained loops with technical terrain of roots, loose rocks and sand. MTB Podcast | IMBA Epics | Good for practicing tight turns on hills and handling rock gardens. Widgets, Explore   Powell Butte Trail Map. Tight Twisty Roots Rocks Reggae! and includes the three FMTP trails (red, blue, and green). I rode all 3 loops clockwise, completing the course in just under an hour as a pretty average rider. The the loops are stacked in a “snowman” formation and make them progressively harder. Forgot your username or password? Booger is the most fast flowing of the 3, but also has more climbing. West Portland Trail Map - from Council Crest to George Himes Park. The Booger trail winds a lot through the pines. Printable text information for trailheads in Forest Park, Visual trail map of Maricara Natural Area, Visual trail map of Powell Butte Nature Park - updated June 2016, Visual trail maps including Marquam Trail and Terwilliger Parkway Trail, Visual trail map of Woods Memorial Natural Area, © Copyright 2020 City of Portland, Oregon, USA, Bureaus & Offices of the City of Portland, Forest Park - Wildwood Trail closure, March 26-Fall 2019, West Portland Trail Map - from Council Crest to George Himes Park. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday are clockwise. Was a lot of fun, not too hard for me, I'm active but not in the best shape. The trails are directional depending on the day of the week. Some cool sections in this but also some technical riding too with rocks and roots with a lot of winding. The trail system consists of 3 stacked loops(Pine pong,Rocks of doom,and Booger) Pine pong has many tight turns through roots and rock. I've ridden here several times and every time I ask myself....why? Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are counter clockwise. I ate it pretty hard on a blind 180 downhill turn on top of a rock group.