The U47 and U48 mics are similar. Sarah Schachner and Jesper Kyd on how they mixed modern techniques with ancient instruments for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Mastering Essentials Part 3 - How loud should I master? ● Frequency Range: 40Hz-16000Hz This thinking is deeply ingrained in the Neumann company. The model designation has always caused some consternation because the two microphones had virtually nothing in common. What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? When asked, Neumann responded with a noncommittal, “we’ll see”. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. In contrast the notes seemed to blur into one another with the AT4047. ● Polar Pattern – Hypercardioid In a 1989 interview, Neumann’s sales manager Dirk Rowehl told Mix Magazine: “we could not make Mr Neumann go into tube microphones again; he wanted to be in the technical forefront.”. Mix with the entire Beatport catalogue on virtual decks. Ultimately it’s about musicality not measurement. Many companies find their current offerings overshadowed by products they discontinued decades ago. Here are some fundamentals. Because the U47 Fet was a fixed Cardioid microphone, Neumann used K47 capsules (designed “K47Fet”) whose rear sides did not meet specifications for use in multipattern mics. U47 fet I just received U47 FET, I was very surprised how good the mic sounds. ● FET preamp Off axis the sound is fairly consistent, which helps with talent that can’t keep still. Most condenser microphones with attenuation padding only have the one switch – sometimes with two or more settings. The U47 FET was outfitted with a newly designed fixed hypercardioid gold/mylar capsule called the K47. Of course you could track down an original, but that might require some maintenance work and could easily end up costing you more than the reissue. The tube U47 is cardoid and omni and the U48 is cardoid and figure 8. We find out why 10 Grammy Award-winning producers are endorsing a pair of wireless earbuds. Music theory isn’t the be-all and end-all of becoming a great producer, but a little knowledge can help. You can bring the smooth, sweet sound of this microphone into your studio using the Neumann U47. ● Transformer balanced output We provide insight and opinion on the gear, tools, software and services to enhance and expand the minds of music makers and listeners. ● Dimensions: 63 x 160mm. Often put up as an afterthought, U47 FETs would frequently win vocal shoot outs, and they could be relied upon for electric and acoustic guitars, brass instruments and voiceover applications too. Phantom power was fine. This applies to microphone preamps, compressors and equalisers too. The Neumann U47 FET microphone has become ubiquitous in professional studios for recording kick drums and bass cabinets. All rights reserved. Neumann describe the U47 FET as a fixed–pattern cardioid microphone, although it actually has a distinctly hypercardioid response for all frequencies above about 500Hz. There is some passing resemblance but it’s easy to tell them apart. Openly acknowledged in the guitar and synthesizer worlds, and by some iconic pro audio brands, product lines often reflect this. Meanwhile, we can only hope…, Key Features The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. In the run-up to the Swedish producer’s next album, Diving For Lost Treasure, he walks us through the emotive and upbeat single. The midrange is fat and up front without sounding woolly or too dominant, and the strong upper midrange and low treble allow the U47 FET to cut through without being edgy or take up too much frequency space. I was expecting good kick mic but it is in the same ballpark with U47, m49, SM204 or vintage U87 for vox! Neumann : U 47 fet condenser mic (reissue) Reviewed by Geoff Stanfield The U 47 fet reissue from Neumann is a faithful recreation of the solid-state version of the U 47 manufactured from 1972 to 1986. On the other hand, Neumann U87 has a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Get the latest industry news, reviews, features and tutorials. Q. So is it as good as ever? We hope this microphone enjoys the success it clearly deserves. There’s been a number of recreations of that iconic microphone over the years, but many of those still command quite a hefty price tag. There was a gap of four years between the discontinuation of the valve U47 and the introduction of U47 FET in 1969. The nominal sensitivity is a very modest 8mV/Pa, and this can be further reduced in two ways. When the VK14k's ran out, Neumann made a retrofit kit using a tiny Nuvistor tube and even sold some U47's new with the Nuvistor and called those U47a's. Neumann also dispensed with a suspension mount, opting instead for a bracket with an integrated cable clip. Hugh Robjohns reviewed the reissue and gave an excellent, detailed explanation of the history behind the original design. However, the U47 FET is supposedly vintage-correct in every way. yoTrakkz 's review " for the kick " 4 The Neumann U 47 fet is a electret condenser microphone that is great for kick drums.