Its primary function is supporting the operation of the town's Saltuna Cannery which is supervised by Reed Tobson. So now we’ve reached our choice: Starve Edgewater, dethrone Tobson in the process, and support a budding community of deserters; or, shut down power to the deserters and force them back to Edgewater so the town can keep dribbling on in a sorry state? [2] There is insufficient medicine to go around and is only given to those who are deemed deserving of treatment. There’s a happy ending and it’s probably your best bet. This will force deserters home, though Adelaide will be furious remain vehemently opposed to returning. At first glance, it sounds as though Adelaide is being a little too over the top — almost sinisterly so. Part of Emerald Vale The Outer Worlds; Confused by Edgewater vs Botanical Lab results. Spacer's Choice When the Stranger arrives in Edgewater, the town is struggling. A significant proportion of its population has fallen ill with a plague that began in the last few years. One of the few remnants of hope of the community comes from the words and teachings of Maximillian DeSoto, a Vicar of The Order of Scientific Inquiry who can be found tending his flock at the Vicarage. When the Stranger arrives in Edgewater, the town is … Yeah there's no Saltuna left for the cannery anyway, at least the botanical garden can produce something. Owner(s) The Outer Worlds is very generous with experience, and after getting a few levels, clearing out the power facility, and establishing a waypoint, I made my way to Edgewater. The Outer Worlds: Edgewater vs Botanical Choices and Consequences Save the Botanical Lab versus Edgewater is the first of many moral choices in the Outer Worlds. GAME DEALSGet Twitch Prime For Free Right Now and get in-game items, rewards, and free games. Home » Guides » Outer Worlds: Redirect Power to Edgewater or Deserters? It doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s probably not a very healthy diet. Thankfully, our preferred answer isn’t quite so black and white as to doom one or the other party. Here's our opinion on whether to divert power to the deserters or Edgewater on The Outer Worlds' first planet, Terra 2, and what consequences it has. Foundation is a main quest in the Outer Worlds. Inhabitants The view of Edgewater from the landing pad. Like Fallout games before it, The Outer Worlds’ starting area tells its own mini-story which climaxes with players making a pivotal choice that has potentially far-reaching consequences. Martin AbernathyEsther BlainePhyllis GrangerRosemary KwanConstable ReyesConrad SadikWinslow This will lead into one of two Board story quests: Foundation (if Adelaide is leader of Edgewater and you are doing Long Distance after Radio Free Monarch), ... For more The Outer Worlds guides and walkthroughs check out our guides page. Map for Edgewater in Emerald Vale Region on Terra 2 Planet for The Outer Worlds, with discovered Points of Interest, Fast Travel locations, Quest List, NPCs, Vendors and Vending Machines and Workbenches. The Outer Worlds Tips & Missables Guide October 26, 2019 by Gage 32 Comments The following guide for The Outer Worlds will outline some general gameplay tips, along with a general progression route for the story in order to get almost all missable trophies / achievements in one playthrough of the story with a bit of reloading saves. But to speak ill of the Spacefarer corporation is a strict no-no that could see you isolated or imprisoned in Edgewater, so nobody is really prepared to speak up. Who you decide to become will determine the fate of everyone in Halcyon. Edgewater is a Saltuna town. Wipe out Edgewater completely, and that will be less resources being leeched from the Board. Game Guide & Walkthrough for The Outer Worlds. For The Outer Worlds on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Confused by Edgewater vs Botanical Lab results. So how does she do it? For The Outer Worlds on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by chris-williams. Map for Edgewater in Emerald Vale Region on Terra 2 Planet for The Outer Worlds, with discovered Points of Interest, Fast Travel locations, Quest List, NPCs, Vendors and Vending Machines and Workbenches. Map. Leader(s) Amelia KimJulius Moreau Answered, How to Respec Character & Reset Skill Points, How to Increase Carry Capacity & Carry More Items. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, he’ll resign and condemn himself to company disgrace for the good of his beloved Edgewater. The plague is caused by poor diet and began when the cannery began experiencing a shortage of saltuna and had to stretch its supplies by adding other ingredients to its mixture including wood chips, mushrooms, sand, and canid bits. But the Spacefarer corporation don’t seem like very nice people, and Edgewater is a town in complete disarray almost to the point of no return. A view of the Edgewater landing pad and the. The secret is using human corpses as nutrients for the soil, but it also requires a portion of the generator’s power that sustains Edgewater. Perhaps it is too early but I made a save prior to re-routing the power. First, let’s give a little context to this particular decision and remind ourselves of what potential consequences it might have on both Edgewater and your companions. But there’s a solution: you can insist Tobson step down from his post, which will convince Adelaide to return on the proviso that she becomes the administrator. In The Outer Worlds' Comes Now the Power quest you have the choice to redirect power to Edgewater or the Deserters. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest Stages 4 Notes Edgewater has become a leech on the colony's dwindling resources. This guide shows you the consequences of your actions. Edgewater is a Spacer's Choice company town located in the Emerald Vale on the planet Terra 2. In the sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds, explore the furthest reaches of space and encounter a host of factions all vying for power. Game Guide & Walkthrough for The Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Adjutant Akandewants you to wipe out the town. It’s being run by an administrator who is a company man through and through; Tobson enacts Spacefarer policy to the letter of the law, and although he genuinely does want his town to prosper, he’s stubbornness is causing major problems for all its citizens. If you go forward with either of these you will have to kill a lot of people, and it will piss off your companions and the other factions in the process. [1] However, the town's leadership claims that is is caused by poor work ethic and that only lazy workers contract the plague. That sounds like a tough ask, initially, without causing a huge stir by simply walking into Tobson’s office and blowing his brains out. The Outer Worlds settlement Reed Tobson, on what is in the saltuna cans, Saltuna Cannery (Edgewater), Rosemary Kwan, on the plague, Sick House (Edgewater), Adelaide McDevitt, on her son's death, Botanical Labs (Emerald Vale).