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Point Detonating Fuze M51A5 is a selective, superquick or 0.05 second delay impact fuze used to detonate HE ammunition in calibers 75mm through 105mm. 4 0 obj An aluminum booster cup containing a 340-grain tetryl booster pellet is threaded to the booster body. ����u���m�9����L%���{��i�`��C���������i��W�=".���X䕮����ň����~x:��~IVa��ۓ���N��р�̻R� �k�#K�!�W0��tܠ��)->���C����mM��H���j�����M���b��Z���9d�nW2r� ̈v�A�c2#��mZwa=m�Pb蜯$�WCI��+X�NN�FK��p��=��T��&sO'�lO��(���{������sH�õ#��:I�j��;�$���M��Nn���!��/��]��H5���w� �V-���"#+04���֒�1����$�z�����P6 w�4!E�^`h�&R^�p���fV�b�,�Q4OZ�2��h�\RRavOp# The M21A4 booster consists of a brass booster body having external (male) threads to fit projectiles having 2-inch diameter, 12 threads per inch and internal (female) threads to receive fuzes having 1.7-inch diameter, 14 threads per inch. 80 "Time & Percussion" fuze licensed from Krupp was Britain's main WWI shrapnel fuze. (This fuze is equivalent to M739A1 Fuze.) �����%�o�9���i��T�C����.a�*�%Ox��vFi >ܢ�L�P�TK��LD���_�.��L��c�a�A])���e��FL����V��Z������z�PJ���a��Tu���v�pE�VD���8���L��S�����;�:�2[Z]��p�ٻxG��ly"*ED�Q=��20�t,�huAF�ѻQ���f� Q�Ȍ�Z@}���v�|�`إH�W M-6 is a mechanical, nose, point-detonating fuze with super-quick action. Upon firing, the combination of setback and centrifugal forces are utilized to arm the fuze. On firing, the locking mechanisms are released and the rotor becomes aligned with the booster lead charge and the fuze flash tube when set for PD action or the fuze delay plunger relay charge when set for "delay" action. ��8E>{:�Z:��ܵYj�d����G��T/`��@tf�vOLd2�&3X� R(��:+������*�-�j�x�1�HК�G�w�>BU?��`M��>d��2 �E��-sTJ�cU#�UW����5rѿV`��*�����(�i��i�|ЮP3�PM)�Ç���.�D)31i�%{[�f Zz���2&Ө�>�쒧i�>Q�yR&�O$U+��ۅ�Ӛ�P%�|�Ē��)v���;&wSP���>j-sN�u*ה�Z&u1 The fuze body contains an M1 delay plunger assembly and an interrupter assembly with a setting sleeve which provides a means of setting or selecting fuze PD (Super Quick Action) or delay functioning. No. If set delay, the flash tube is blocked and the M17 detonator is activated by the delay element. The fuze completes 82 mm High-Explosive, Incendiary and Smoke mortar bombs. The fuze PD head assembly contains a firing pin held in position by a firing pin support which prevents initiation of Detonator M24 until impact. stream US point detonating fuze of 1915 combining adjustable timer up to 21 seconds, using a gunpowder train, and impact mode. ��ÇS̓�e��h=)0��V��1�e��D�����=���8l=2������_����c�SJvd�����6; f���T�$��T�X6I&�`0�wTp�DJx��G��"h�6�9�[DǠ1�,]x�t�ÄG�LCq�9�´9g���k��;t��ev�)�i��m~ �� �����C;A{���9myda�le��n6^�1Ð��Lns)��6�t03N�hua�nr�{``���`j�!���9�*�m[S��o�2��1���aq�+�@0�!�W'�B ���p���C�>r!�_�x�Ty.^nL�3��ei��lO��%��Ѓ`-��)X���X�@�cM �Z�;�?�ʡeG,S���!v�&l!n�fM/c�v����]���^���]�HYrC^D��X. Point Detonating Fuzes M739 and M739A1 are selective superquick and 0.05 second delay (M739) or auto-delay (M739A1) impact fuzes designed for use in all standard HE artillery 4.2 inch Mortar, 105mm through 8-inch Howitzers and 175mm Guns. The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions. The fuze is similar to, but structurally superior to Fuze M557. Point detonating fuze with super quick and delay function; Programmable delay function; Electronic time function by inductive setting; With penetration capability; Inductive setting according to AOP22 ; SPACIDO. Point Detonating Fuze K516 is a selective, superquick or 0.05 delay action, impact type fuze for use with 81mm HE cartridges. The head assembly is attached to the body by means of the flash tube which also positions the fuze windshield or ogive. The S&A device is a fuze component that isolates the detonator from the warhead booster charge during all phases of the weapon logistic and operational chain until the weapon has been launched in the intended mode and has achieved a safe displacement from the launch vehicle. Simultaneously, centrifugal force will arm the M1 delay plunger of the fuze and retract the flash tube interrupter unless the fuze is set delay, in which instance, the flash tube interrupter will not retract and the flash from the nose superquick element will be prevented from initiating the explosive train of the booster.