Because public relations communications are not perceived in the same light as advertising—that is, the public does not realize the organization either directly or indirectly paid for them—they tend to have more credibility. Hi, A press release is an effective way of promoting your business online. Public Relations Society of America: About Public Relations NI Business Info: Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Relations Walker Sands: Does PR Work? Credibility. The public relations specialist is going to be networking will local media sources and developing relationships. To stand out from the crowd and earn their approval, you must craft an outstanding press release. Exposure. Like the other program elements, public relations has both advantages and disadvantages.. Advantages include the following: 1. They will act as an effective spokes persons for building the reputation of the company. Advantages and disadvantages of in-house PR department Advantages of an in-house PR department The main advantage of setting up an internal PR department is that the team will focus only on the company products and its markets. Distribution. Advantages of Public Relations. Advantages of Public Relations 1) Build Goodwill and Brand Value in the Market The primary advantage of involving in PR activities is to build a good and positive image not only in the minds of the customers but also in the hearts of the members of all community. 7 Ways to Measure its Impact A well-structured PR campaign can result in the target market being exposed to more detailed information than they receive with other forms of promotion.That is, media sources often provide more space and time for explanation of a product.