Samples of Evaluation … Program Logic Model B. Stakeholder Identification IV. Non profit program director performance phrases 1.Attitude Performance Review Examples – non profit program director Positive review Holly has one of those attitudes that is always … The sample for the posttest analysis comprised 146 youth (72 … Goal-based evaluation may be more appropriate in situations where the non-profit organization is evaluating together with their clientele. Evaluation Needs III. The board determines the direction of the organization and takes primary responsibility for: a. Date of last bylaws review/revision: 2. In the case of an organization dedicated to community development, a goal-based evaluation … Performance evaluations are one of the … A. Appendices A. Evaluation Measures B. Determining policy c. Funding strategy d. Financial and legal oversight e. Evaluation 3. Evaluation Design A. Evaluation Management Plan i. Evaluation Timeline ii. Program Description B. Evaluation Budget V. Findings and Recommendations VI. Goal setting b. In nonprofit organizations, smaller budgets and leaner management teams mean that sometimes important employee development activities are neglected. References VII. Program Outcome Findings: The pretest sample (N = 191) of eight matched group pairs included 105 treatment youth and 86 controls. 1. Evaluation Purpose & Focus A. The nonprofit's mission and bylaws are clearly written and reviewed regularly.