I ordered several packets of seeds and it took about a month to get them. To make it worse, I ordered product from two different web sites Vermont Bean Co and Seymour Seed Co and neither of the seeds have come. Request a Johnny's Selected Seeds Catalog. Alternatively, you can call them at the number provided. ALL of the other items I ordered from various companies Pinetree, Select Seeds, etc.. -- over 70 packets of seeds -- were billed upon shipment - not upon order. I ordered four packages of seed. I had not had problems in the past with Jung. I can find this info, but it should have been printed on the packets. We will submit your request. I blamed myself ...but the last time, I simultaneously ordered from a couple of companies to see whether seed source would make a difference...it did. Catalog of gardening catalogs, 17th edition. The plants listed in the catalog aren't always the ones you get. Pelleted Eustoma seeds arrived so crushed that even the SEED was broken. I emailed on the 13th & 14th and received no response. I fell for it 3 times in the last 5 years. document.write("