Only ask cause S1 had half the party pre ... so it's best to keep her gear updated and weapon sharpened as best you can. July 28, 2012 February 21, 2007. Finally, for the first time ever, you're going to play through one of the finest role-playing games ever made. S2: 2 Questions about party.. Suikoden II. for physical attackers, they will provide the highest physical damage out of all physical attackers (the ONLY time someone can beat them is through Double-Beat plus critical hits). The game tells the story of the (player named) adoptive grandchild of a great hero now living a quiet life in the nation he fought against years ago. In the NA version, if you had a name that didn't start with M, or had caps in it, it would take the original name (“McDohl”) and then modify it, as the programming made Suikoden II unable to recognize the name you used in the first game. - Page 6. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. reviews; ... far from the best party in the game, but they get the job done, and look damn good doing it . So in order to make a unite that involves 3 characters useful in a party like that, it has to deal … Because this rune could have been used as a tool for war, large quantities of blood were sacrificed to the Beast Rune, making it go rampant. Suikoden 2 II Matilda LRenouille North Window HQ Now that Tinto is on your side go back and you’ll see Sheena by the elevator. For years, the Beast Rune was kept near the throne room in L'Renouille Palace.There, it laid dormant until Luca Blight took an interest to its power. Suikoden II (幻想水滸伝II, Gensōsuikoden II) is the second instalment of the Suikoden series, designed and released initially for the Sony PlayStation.. i WOULD put those high-damage 2.5x and 3x dmg unite/rune characters God Tier. Exciting, isn't it? The Beast Rune Incarnation (獣の紋章) is the final boss in Suikoden II.. Story [edit | edit source]. Highland's mad prince, Luca Blight, is a truly evil and terrifying villain. If you consider that the calculated average value for damage a character can deal in Suikoden 2 is ~1300 damage, a totally average party can deal ~7800 damage. Go to Shu and he’ll suggest taking Greenhill back to the city state side. Suikoden II is the best game ever made for left-handed people. best party in suikoden 2 Suikoden II 2 Re-taking Greenhill L Renouille. He is, however, the best character in the game by a wide margin, like he was in the first game. 0. The Soul Eater is still stupid powerful, also. WHO ARE THE BEST SIX? Suikoden II. So you've just bought Suikoden II on the PlayStation Network. Only ask cause S1 had half the party pre determined which bummed me ... Suikoden II. Are any characters required for the final dungeon/ fight? » Suikoden II » re: WHO ARE THE BEST SIX?