Details Additional information Shipping Information SELF FERTILE One of the few self fertile red blushed yellow cherry, White Gold is also bacterial canker resistant. sweet-cherry trees are hardier than peaches but more tender than most apple varieties. Petioles may be glabrous or may have sparse to dense pubescence. There is an excellent PNW Extension publication by L. Long and C. Kaiser reviewing the performance of the major sweet cherry rootstocks grown around the region. SKU: SCWG$* Categories: Cherry Trees, Fruit Plants, Sweet Cherry Trees. Add to cart. Plus, related products, such as dried cherries, cherry powder, and cherry juice, make interesting additions to … (download pdf PNW619) Listed below are many of the sweet cherry rootstocks available for use in the Pacific Northwest. Nursery Pickup. In general, sweet cherry trees are fairly hardy, but can suffer from short life and winter damage unless well cared for. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Sweet Cherries including 1 cherry and 1 oz. White Gold Sweet Cherry quantity. Both sweet and tart varieties pair well with many foods. There are 26 calories in 6 Sweet Cherries. However, trunks, crotches, and terminal wood of sweet-cherry trees are susceptible to early freezes. Leaves and fruits of sweet cherries are larger in general than those of other cherry species. Shop Sweet Cherry products includes strollers, car safety seats, bouncers, walkers, infant cots, baby carriers and other accessories. Large, firm, crack resistant fruit.